The Utilization of the Space Field by Sundanese at RPH Cirangsad, BKPH Jasinga, KPH Bogor, West Java

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A test plantation is one of the conventional improvement techniques. It provides early important information to the selection program. Nevertheless, it needs a long time to gain conclusion and must guarantee in secure location. Limited field in KPH Bogor causes the determination process met some obstacles. Recently, a part of the candidate location has been planted by Sundanese. The plant types that were cultivated can influence to the safety of the test plantation further. To know the type of plants cultivated by Sundanese and their utilization, this research was done on April 2006 at RPH Cirangsad, BKPH Jasinga, KPH Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. The research plot was a candidate location of progeny test and located at the center of three villages belong to Sundanese. The data were gained by exploring a certain tracks of the research plot, describing and collecting part of plant completely. There were four groups of plant cultivated by Sundanese according to their utilization. First, food plants, they are Oryza sativa, Saccharatum edule, Manihot utilissima, Dolichos lablab, Sauropus androgynus, Durio zibenthinus, Coffea robusta, Artocarpus heterophyllus, Garcinia mangostana, Zygia jiringa, Mangifera indica, M. odorata, Musa paradisiaca, Psidium guajava, Eugenia aquea, Persea americana, Solanum lycopersicum, and Arachis hypogaea. Second, wood plants, they are Maesopsis eminii, Paraserianthes falcataria, and Schima wallichii. Third, fiber plant, it is Ceiba pentandra. Fourth, medical plants, they are Alpinia galanga and Curcuma domestica. Food plants and medical plants need several months-many years for harvesting, whereas wood plants and fiber plants always need a long time.


Keywords : space field, utilization, test plantation, kind of plants, Sundanese


Syahbudin, A., Osozawa, K., Ninomiya, I., Adriyanti, D.T., Indrioko, S. and Na’iem, M. (2009) The Utilization of the Space Field by Sundanese at RPH Cirangsad, BKPH Jasinga, KPH Bogor, West Java. Proceeding of International Conference on Biological Science (ICBS-BIO). Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia: 200-210.