Sylva Tracking

Dendrology is compulsory subjects of faculty with 3 Credits (2.1). Besides to attend lectures, students are required to participate the practicum in order to improve understanding of the component of the trees’s introduction. All material used in the laboratory of dendrology tend to be almost the same. As a result, duplication of tasks practicum and student passivity are two things that often occurred during laboratory work in progress. Some improvement efforts have been made, one of which is silva tracking. Silva tracking activities aim to identify different species of trees directly in the field. Students are trained to apply the science that has been gained in the classroom on the actual condition of the trees in the field. All students involved in groups, i.e. 10-15 students/group, assisted by 1 person tutor. The routes of tracking were designed in the different route: 5 route within Gadjah Mada University campus, and 4 others in the area of ​​Forest Education ‘Wanagama I’ Gunung Kidul. It is intended to prevent duplication of tasks during the practicum that is common and encouraged students to participate more actively in the learning process. Increased activity of student is expected to increase understanding of the materials laboratory. During tracking, tutors describe, ask and discuss various types of trees found. Trees are not known shall be collected, processed into dried herbarium, identified, and made a determination key. Silva tracking’s results is exhibited and presented at the next laboratory work. Improvement of practical activities with silva tracking proved to increase the average response value from 72.8 to 76.2. In addition, students seemed more active discussion and daring to describe a type of tree to a fellow student when asked by the tutor. Making the task of collecting dried herbarium performing well and on time (100%). In general, 88% of students felt quite satisfied and satisfied with the guidance and lab services are held.


Key words: silva tracking, Dendrology, tutor, duplication, passive



Syahbudin, A., Adriyanti, D.T. and Wiyono (2005) Sylva Tracking. National Seminar of Indonesian Plant Taxonomy Association (PTTI), UPI Bandung, Indonesia. [Indonesian Language]