Strategics of Student Enthusiasm Growth for Studying of Dendrology through Guest Lecturer and Tree Poster Exhibition

Most of students identify dendrology as course with a lot of memorization and latin terms. The material which studied on the various components of the introduction of species, ranging from plant organs to feature families, genera and type was complained by some students who feel quite a lot and less attractive. As a result the learning process becomes less passionate, boring and students tend to be passive. For that, the learning process needs improvement to enhance students

motivation in the study dendrology. Two developed activities are lectures from guest lecturer and tree poster exhibitions. Guest lecturer for lectures designed to enhance students’ understanding about the importance of dendrology, as well as introducing a variety of research and its application in daily life. Half day lectures present 7 guest lecturers; consists of 4 sessions with 2 speakers/sessions. Available time is 50 minutes/session, including discussion for 20 minutes. While the tree poster exhibition was conceived to encourage independent learning and soft skills of students. Students in groups must embrace one type of tree, make a poster and present it in an exhibition. Accompaniment by a tutor, correction and assessment by the lecturers to be done to optimize the quality of the results before the posters on display. The exhibition was held for 5 days as a medium of learning among students. The best posters selected based on an assessment of faculty and a favorite poster was chosen by visitors during the exhibition. Students appear enthusiastic response to the learning process improvement. Guest lecturer for lectures was attended by 180 students (97.3%). Lectures are able to alert students about the importance dendrology (95.5%), stimulate motivation to learn (84.4%), add insight dendrology application in daily life (97.5%), and related research (90.7%), as well as a variety of classes, so as not to get bored (94.1%). Meanwhile, a poster exhibition was followed by 59 groups of trees (100%) with the amount of student self-generated funds reached 200% of funds stimulant. Type of expenditure include: lease the internet (19.9%), print fullcolour (32.9%), frame (28.4%), transport (5.2%), and others (13.6%). Exhibition posters of trees able to gain knowledge about tree species (85.9%) and facilitate students in understanding the course material (68.4%).

Key words: enthusiasm, dendrology, guest lecturer, poster, exhibition


Syahbudin A. and Adriyanti, D.T. (2005) Strategics of Student Enthusiasm Growth for Studying of Dendrology through Guest Lecturer and Tree Poster Exhibition. National Seminar of Indonesian Plant Taxonomy Association (PTTI), UPI Bandung, Indonesia. [Indonesian Language]