International House of Ehime University Japan

International House of Ehime University located at Takanoko Cho 40, Matsuyama City, Prefecture of Ehime. It is 20 minutes by bicycle from Tarumi  Campus (Faculty of Agriculture) or around 30 minutes from main campus (Johoku); and 10 minutes walking to Kume station for train and bus.

By one way bus to Tarumi campus we need to pay 150 yen and stop  in the behind of university, in front of fruit and vegetable famous shop ‘okumura’; and 300 yen to city station (shieki). If by train, only 200 yen to city station (shieki) from kume station, then continue to main campus (Johoku) by others transportation such as bus, trem/streetcar etc.

This international house also well known by Japanese people as kokusai kooryu kaikan.  It is 20 years old but looks strong, clean and well maintained. I have been stayed there in room number 207 with almost 30 foreign students. Two from (Endro Suyanto BPPT Jakarta and Iin UNG Gorontalo), 6 students from Korea (Faculty of Japanese Language), 5 students of China, and Taiwan, Africa (Ghana dan Mali), Nepal each 2 students. I also met student from Brazil, Bulgaria, Srilangka, Pakistan, Kamboja and Malaysia, each 1 student.

We use two dominant languages in the international house, those are English and Japanese. Chinese and Korea student prefer to Japanese Language. As a student exchange/student of Faculty of Japanese Language, it is normally if  they are more adept to communicate with Japanese rather than English. Unfortunately most of them less able to speak English, so it is difficult to establish communication if we can not speak Japanese. In general, at that time nearly 70% of residents of the international house use of English. Thus the ability of speaking and listening are very useful here.