pintu gerbang wanagama I yogyakarta by atus syahbudin
Main gate of Wanagama Forest

Tracking is an exciting step to combine the introduction of forestry objects combined with the practice of English with a fun way. The purpose of this activity is to know the forest and practice English through games model tracking. In order to know the forest, it was done jungle tracking at five different headings, namely: soil profile, succession, and regeneration of sandalwood, ebony stand, mahogany stands, and agroforestry. As for the practice of English language was made ​​a presentation and discussion of the results of tracking every post in English.

Presentations and discussions conducted through the game model. The result of this activity is that participants can recognize more real forest. Participants can do a presentation and discussion in English more fluent with a more pleasant atmosphere. The courage of the participants who expressed a view in English increases. This tracking can help to enhance students’ ability in mastering English and an understanding of the objects of forestry.


Key words: forest tracking, English, practice, games



Darmawan, A., Prasetyo, E., Figyantika, A., Arganita, E., Hidayat, S.N. and Syahbudin, A. (2006) Tracking: Easy Method to introducing Forest and to Practicing English Language by Game Model. Finalist Paper on National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS) XIX, Ministry of Education, Republic of Indonesia. [Indonesian Language]

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