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Jun 25 2012

The Contribution of Ehime University in the Indonesian’s Biodiversity Hotspot: Wallacea Region

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Wallacea as region of intermediacy has very high endemic species found nowhere else in the world. This region included in the coral triangle, consisted of four different groups of islands with complex geological history and populated by a mixture of Indo-Malayan and Australasian biogeography. Lack of

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Apr 12 2012

The Distribution of Bitti (Vitex cofassus) in Wallacea Region

Populations of tree species used in the boat building, mainly bitti (Vitex cofassus) continually decreasing rapidly because of high demand and reason related to deforestation.  In fact some lower quality wood species is used to replace it. The idea of establishment of forest boat as an effort of Wallacea’s species conservation and fulfillment of the […]

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