Dendrology,Ex-situ Conservation

Morphological Variation of Sandalwood (Santalum album Linn.) on Provenans Test Planting in Site 17 of Wanagama I, Gunungkidul

15 Nov , 2012  

In 1993 Faculty of Forestry UGM has been established the provenans trial of cendana (Santalum album L.) from seven seed sources in compartment 17 Wanagama I Gunungkidul. Until now research on the variation of morphology of cendana in Wanagama I was not conducted yet. In 1989 Adriyanti has examined morphology of cendana in NTT (Indonesia) and clasify cendana into two varieties, cendana with small leaf (Santalum album L. var. album) and cendana with big leaf More…

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