Fruit species,Timber tree

The Utilization of the Space Field by Sundanese at RPH Cirangsad, BKPH Jasinga, KPH Bogor, West Java

29 Apr , 2011  

peta kab bogor by geospasial bnpb go id by atus syahbudin

Map of Bogor (by

A test plantation is one of the conventional improvement techniques. It provides early important information to the selection program. Nevertheless, it needs a long time to gain conclusion and must guarantee in secure location. Limited field in KPH Bogor causes the determination process met some obstacles. Recently, a part of the candidate location has been planted by Sundanese. The plant types that were cultivated can influence to the safety of More…


Fruit species,Timber tree

The Biodiversity of Timber Tree and Fruit Species Along the Edge of Kayan River, Bulungan, East Kalimantan

21 Apr , 2011  

kayan river Bulungan by atus syahbudin

Kayan River Bulungan (photo:

Kayan River is a major river in Bulungan, East Kalimantan Province. This river was inhabited and dominated by dayak tribes as indegenous people. River plays an important role in their daily activities. A study of diversity of fruit species was conducted in Kayan River’s edge. The study was done on October-December 2005. The data were gained by exploring along the edge of Kayan river with accompanied by local people and interviewing some key informants. Land use types were recorded. Six plots, More…