kayan river Bulungan by atus syahbudin
Kayan River Bulungan (photo: panoramio.com)

Kayan River is a major river in Bulungan, East Kalimantan Province. This river was inhabited and dominated by dayak tribes as indegenous people. River plays an important role in their daily activities. A study of diversity of fruit species was conducted in Kayan River’s edge. The study was done on October-December 2005. The data were gained by exploring along the edge of Kayan river with accompanied by local people and interviewing some key informants. Land use types were recorded. Six plots, each measuring 20mx20m, were distributed randomly, three in yard and three in garden. Whereas, in every swidden cultivation, young fallow and old fallow were distributed randomly three plots, 10mx10m. All targeted plants were documented, sampled and described, then identified in the Laboratory of Dendrology, Faculty of Forestry, UGM. There were eight land use types and sixteen genus of fruit species that recorded in the study area with coconut (Cocos nucivera) as the common species in the yard, as well as banana (Musa sp.) in young fallow and old fallow.

Keywords : fruit species, along the edge of kayan river, dayak tribes, land use types

Source: Syahbudin, A. (2007) The Biodiversity of Timber Tree and Fruit Species Along the Edge of Kayan River, Bulungan, East Kalimantan. In Kobayashi, K. and M. Ali (Eds.) Wetland and Climate Change: The Needs for Integration. Proceeding of International Seminar on Wetland and Sustainability 2007, Johor, Malaysia.


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